DRAWERS for us to store all the things that we adore!

Ah unpacking.  It is a beautiful thing.  It means placing items in pre-selected places all through the apartment while slowing assembling another chance at an organized life.  I love it!  To be honest, I’ve unpacked Bill’s things just so OUR life and apartment would be more suitably arranged for this life of… US.

 Notice the “our” and the “us” there?  Yeah.  I know it’s impressive.  It’s still tough to say.  One thing you will learn through this blog is this sense of independence that I cling to with every given opportunity.  I’m like a 5 year-old with a toy: unwilling to share it, but adult enough to know that sharing the toy will grant more gratification later.  Innuendo aside, the point is I like my stuff, my systems, my set-ups, my way of doing things.  Bill’s ways are a close second, but sometimes they don’t make sense to my sense.  We very rarely fight; it’s just not our style. But sometimes we wind up very confused with each other.  And just for the record… HE’s the weird one.

So, regarding our bathroom… it’s huge.  It is very large for an apartment.  We’re very lucky.  Here is what it looks like:

Don’t you like my decorating scheme?  I knew you would.  Peaceful, serene… and the scene of the crime of confusion.

In the big bathroom WE are blessed with, WE do not necessarily agree on distribution of personal items in drawers.  I found this out as I grabbed the box of my things and begin to open drawers and distribute.  These are the drawers in question:

We have 4 drawers, there are two of us, and so we should divide them equally. Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Both Bill and I lived alone for quite some time, so we should each be allowed equal space.  Drawer segregation is awesome!  While unpacking my items into the bottom two (yes I know they are larger, but I’m a girl. I have more stuff. Don’t judge me.) I hear:

“Why are you putting those all in just two drawers?” says Bill.

 “I’d like these 2 drawers because they are a little bigger, and my hair dryer, curling iron, and other stuff need the space,” I explain.

 “Ok.  All the little stuff can go in here.”  He says while opening that top small drawer.  It already has many of his smaller things in it.



*Puzzled Silence*

*A look on my face that Bill says is a mix between fear & smelling something bad*


 “…But… your stuff is already in it,” I say.  My things don’t go in there. Doesn’t he know that?! 

 Bill starts to laugh as he explains what HE thought was going to happen with the bathroom items.  EVIDENTLY he thinks that things we both use, like Q-tips, Band-Aids, headache medicine, sunblock, eye drops, etc. can all go in common drawers.  He even tried explaining it to me.  WE can in fact SHARE drawers and the allocation of space within because WE will both be using the same things.  EVIDENTLY this is what couples do when they live together. 

 I’m shocked. 

 Bill’s been married before, so he is more experienced here. But this bathroom is huge for any couple, especially one just starting out.  There are 4 drawers and 2 of us.  I’m the girl.  I get the bigger two drawers… but he still has two!  I’m not crazy.  Numbers don’t lie.  Bill works in finance.  This should be easy. I like short sentences.  They make a point.

 I eventually came to understand him; however, the 5 year old within me still didn’t want my things mixed up with his.  So mostly due to his laid back nature, I prevailed.  Drawers for everyone! (in equal amounts) Hooray!

 It’s important to emphasize we never fought.  The discussion just enlightened Bill to yet another area of independence he didn’t know existed.  As puzzled as he is, he is certainly accepting of it.  Sharing is probably an inevitable part of this cohabitation, but he’s patient enough to wait for me to see it.  He must really love me.  I’m a lucky woman.

 He’s still wrong about sharing bathroom drawers.  It’s messy and unnecessary.


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