New friends!

I realize that I’ve already experienced a blogging hiatus, and for that I apologize!  But as life gets back to normal over the next few weeks I promise to catch up on these posts!  I’m beginning to think this is something I can REALLY get into.  Onto the story!

The day after I moved to Nashville, we hosted a party at our new apartment the night after I moved in? Oops! Yes. We did. We called it the “Before Party.” It was a chance for friends and family in the Nashville area to come check out the new apartment before I started decorating any of it. We gave tours around the place for people to check out the layout and gaze upon the Nashville skyline from the balcony.  An “After Party” would showcase the apartment after it’s all set up, but for now we could show people our location right away.

Enter a girl who (for this blog’s sake) has chosen a pseudo-name of Carmen. She plays kickball with Bill, and when she heard that I was moving to Nashville a few months back actually said to me “When you move here, you have a group of friends waiting on you.” I thought she was being ironic. I was wrong.

At our party Carmen walked into our new apartment with 3 girls, and two more showed up within 30 minutes. All of them said hello to Bill as they walked toward me to form a semi-circle and start a conversation of mostly in-depth and caring questions. “How was the move?” “Was the goodbye with your family a tough one?” “How long is a drive between here and Indianapolis?”

Just a couple of days after that I attended a group-viewing of “The Bachelor” with the group too. Again… leaving Bill at home. They have since become my own southern version of “Sex in the City.” Except without the sex… at least on the part of the majority of these women. In a future blog entry I’ll have to explain the term “Pseudo-Virgins” as it pertains to a reality TV show this group could write and produce one day.

Since these women WILL appear in many future blog entries… It’s time to introduce them to you. Oh! And it should be mentioned that some of them have elected to go by pseudo names in this blog. To protect the guilty… of course.

Carmen – The very first women I met here in Nashville. Like I said she’s on Bill’s kickball team, she resembles a short Kelly Clarkson, and she’s hysterically funny. She’s always there with a good laugh for you. She’s career driven, she’s a crafter, she has a house where she hosts awesome parties, and she’s a planner… like me. No wonder we started getting along immediately after introduction.

Rachele – Another career woman! She’s very quick-witted, she’s independent, and she’s family-oriented. Her sarcasm is contagious, and her career as a school psychologist only adds to her natural skills at being one of the most caring women I’ve ever met. She’s amazing.

Riley – If there is anyone in this city that reminds me of my sister… it’s this girl. She’s intense! She’s able to see a goal and work her ass off to get there, and she’s going to kick butt at it. This year alone I’ve watched her grow with this gym called CrossFit. It consists of these short but really intense workouts that push your body to limits you didn’t know it could exceed, and Riley is GREAT at it. Add in the fact that she’s funny and has this adorable dark curly hair and we have a friend that ALWAYS makes me laugh when I get to hang out with her.

Sarah – A nurse. Your first thought is to label her as a sweet, quiet girl, but then she’ll throw out an incredibly sarcastic and hilarious comment. She’s a blond, gorgeous woman completely unaware of how pretty she is, AND has a sense of humor that often involves a physical sense to it. Jokes usually involve a silly dance move and/or big arm motions. Also, she’s a dog person. She has the most adorable Bernese mountain dog named Bella.

Amelia – Wow. Is she funny. Her good looks, dark hair, and towering height make her a vixen… Captivating men easily instead of intimidating them. NOT that she shares her man stories; she keeps her secrets of how she turns them into puddles of goo so effortlessly. When it comes to conversations with the girls she’s full of insightful questions, caring conversations, and some of the funniest voice-overs in jokes that you’ll ever hear. Oh! And she’s this continental world-traveler with her job at Vanderbilt University here in Nashville, so she’s intelligent AND worldly.

Molly – Let’s end with the world’s biggest sweetheart. Oh my gosh is this woman lovable! One look at her smile (which is always there by the way), and you’ll see what I see. She’s also a school psychologist, so her ease in caring about others just oozes out of her. One night in a drunken,self-declared party at my apartment when only 3 people were here… I messaged Molly telling her that she was “So sweet, she was like diabetes!” Then I sang “No Diggity” by Blackstreet to her later in the same, long message.

Can you see why I’m so comfortable with these girls? These intros are only short explanations of what little I know after just a few months of living here, but you get the idea. We call ourselves the “League of Epic Besties,” but that story is for another blog entry.

A few of us at a Masquerade Ball