Backlog Blogging – It’s a thing. Steeplechase & Crazy (Part 1)

So I have this blog, and I’m terrible at keeping it.  Therefore I’m making a pledge to post each day throughout the rest of 2012 so that not only do I get in the practice of upkeep here, but also to catch all of YOU up on what’s going on.  The stories are fun to tell, but I’m certain you’d like current ones.

Also, this bog has brought to me attention that a good story isn’t always a short one.  So today’s post is my first two-parter.  I feel so grown up, so enlightened to learn about myself, so… so… ready to get to today’s post. 


Steeplechase.  A term well-known to Nashvillians, but new to this yankee.  OFFICIALLY Steeplechase in Tennessee can be defined as follows:

There you can get the premise, the location, etc.  But to Nashvillians it’s basically college kids in a grassy infield, dressed in preppy clothing (I made my own hat!  See above), and schmammered.  Like that new word Schmammered?  Thank you.  I cannot take credit however.  My Epic Bestie member friend Rachele coined the term.  She’s brilliant.

She’s also one of the people whom we hosted a tailgating spot.  Me?  I envisioned the classy, dressed-up drunk that I’d heard and read about from the Kentucky Derby.  Classy kinda drunk in a dress please and thank you!

But NOPE.  Kim was wrong!

We arrive and set up.  The college kids are certainly dressed the part, and they all just sit back and watch our set up from their creaking lawn chairs.  We put up the big canopy, the tables, set up my dishes, and I mixed a special pink lemonade concoction that was sure to make our group the appropriate level of tipsy.

As I put out the tablecloths and set up our chairs, I notice that everyone around me is operating out of a cooler.  I shake off my doubt and our friend’s silly comments of my obsession with as I carefully lay out a few of my tri-colored championship ribbons from my own horse competitions.  I even brought my favorite wooden horse head trophy as a decoration.  I may or may not have cleaned it just for this occasion.

545419_10100970888817891_1578794812_n   305047_10100970889117291_1168926323_n

That’s when the kiddos around us start to look at my gorgeous set up weirdly.  Only then did I realize that I was in overkill mode.  But I took my over-planning in stride and enjoyed the day.

The food was great, and the group of friends we had with us was just a great group of people.  Mostly from Bill’s kickball team, but some people were there as my friends and even some high school buddies of Bill’s were with us.  It was a great time.

After a short walk around the infield to visit friends of friends, Bill and I walked back to our parking spot with two more couples.  Our first glimpse of our area was the big blinking lights of an ATV with a young girl wearing a neckbrace being held upright and ushered to an ambulance.  Then we walked up to our spot to find 4 of our neighboring tailgaters sitting in their lawnchairs with their hands behind their back… handcuffed.



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