I’m baaaaaack.

In the words of Whitesnake… here I go again.  My last entries involving my choice to live out of wedlock with a man anyone would be lucky enough to land, I took some time (including two vacations, a set of holiday celebrations, and say… ALL winter months of 2013) to reflect on the direction of this lovely little blog.  I think I’m going to stay the course of honest looks at the south and at the man I live with, but most of all… introspective looks at myself.  I want to do so even if it offends others with either topic choice or opinions.

It’s a blog, not a weapon.  So if what I say in here DOES in fact offend you I apologize.  It’s not intended.  There’s also a thing called a phone where you can just let me know that I’ve offended you.  Feedback.  Give it to me.  Crazy, I know… contacting someone to communicate true feelings.  But just know that such communication is welcomed, preferred, wanted, etc.

This whole living-with-a-man thing is making noticeable changes to me.  Who knew?!  Though I didn’t initially like the idea of me changing here I have to state that I’m coming around to it.  Some changes are definitely for the better, others I’ll have to get used to, and some changes… poor Bill… aren’t happening as quickly as they should.   The whole point of this blog is to examine those changes and see what (if any) are a product of southern culture OR if some of the things I see as odd here in Nashville are out of just living in a new place period.


It’s never too late to give up on a New Year’s resolution, right?  Therefore I want to make a conscience effort to be more blog-timely for the remaining 2/3 of this year.  So a belated “hello” to 2013, and happy new year to all of you.

::insert noisemaker sound here::


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